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SAT 写作题材之changing for better
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导读:SAT写作素材主题:The world isn’t always changing for better.Subject 1: Environment pollution Economic inequalitySince the Industrial Revolution,our encironment has been in imminent dange ...


  SAT写作素材主题:The world isn’t always changing for better.

  Subject 1: Environment pollution & Economic inequality

  Since the Industrial Revolution,our encironment has been in imminent danger.For example,a dramatic summer drought helped public focus their attentions on the greenhouse effect,a general warming of temperature on Earth,which is caused by an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide released by burning fossil fuels like coals,gasoline products and rapid deforestation.Along with the rapid technology advance is the emergence of acid rain,ecological wasteland and natural disasters such as flood and hurricane.

  Not only to encironment,but also to some people changes in today’s seemly progressive world are not always good.The booming America saw a growing economic inequality.In 2004,number of millionaire household in America increased by 14% as the number of people living below the poverty line rose to about 37 million,including 15 million children.The annual budget passed by Congress in 2005 severely cut programs essential to strggling families,including child assistance and medicaid funding for the poor.Left in such desperate condition, the poor could hardly appreciate these changes

  Subject 2 : Technology changes

  Detail: In a culture which emails,cell phones and internet chat room have become everyday modes of communication,we are on the verge of breaking down all barriers to the complete and constant transfer of information.But if we seem to be moving toward unfetter union,we could also be seen more isolated as individuals than we have ever been before.

  Changes in technology definitely make our lives easier,as shopping at home becomes easier than driving to the store,as meeting people online eliminates the need to spend a lot of time traveling,and as faxing someone a blueprint gets rid of necessity of meeting to disscuss a plan.However,the very techonology that purports to make connections and bring people closer together is helping them drift apart.One can absolutely recall some scenes which you was sitting alone in your bedroom busily talking to someone on msn whild rejecting the proposal to shop with your families or you was having lunch with friends while talking to someone else on your cellphones.

  All these convenient technologies including online services that prevent us from going out and meeting a real person,and cellphones that reduce the real human interaction,do not necessarily make us better.


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