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SAT 阅读题型解读:目的题
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导读:The following passage recounts a young girl's experience o f moving with herfamily from Massachusetts to Arizona.When I was thirteen, my family moved from Boston to Tucson, Arizona Before the ...


The following passage recounts a young girl's experience o f moving with herfamily from Massachusetts to Arizona.  When I was thirteen, my family moved from Boston to Tucson, Arizona Before the move, my father gathered us together after dinner on a freezing January night. My sisters and I clustered around the fire, unaware that the universe was about to  suddenly change its course. "I've been transferred In May, we're moving to 5 Arizona ',  The words-so small, just two sentences-didn't seem big enough to hold my new fate. But without any further ceremony, the world changed and I awoke on a train moving across the country. I watched the landscape shift like a kaleidoscope . from green trees to flat dusty plains to soaring mountains as I glimpsed strange new 10 plants that hinted of mysteries yet to come. Finally, we arrived and settled into our new one-story adobe home.  While my older sisters grieved the loss of friends, schools, dances, and trees, I eagerly explored our new surroundings. I never realized there could be such a variety of cacti: saguaro, pincushion, prickly pear, barrel, cholla Nor could I ever have' 15 imagined trees as strange as the Joshua trees that grew m our yard 。And the mountains !I had never seen mountains before, and now they surround me.  One afternoon, I was out exploring as usual and espied a new kind of cactus. It looked like a green ball covered in soft white fur. I crouched down for a closer look "You'd better not touch that. That white stuff may look like harmless fur, but 20 they're actually spines and they're the devil to get out "  I turned around to see a woman who seemed to have emerged from the desert itself. Everything about her was brown - boots, skirt, skin - except for her startling white hair and eyes of a blue that matched the color of the sky.  Are you new to this neighborhood? I haven't seen you before. " I explained that 25 I was, in fact, new to the entire state. "My name is Ina Thorne. I've lived here smce I was eight years old How are you adjusting to life in the desert? It must be quite a shock after liying in Boston " How could I explain how I found the desert? I tried, haltingly, to tell her how the desert affected me, but I couldn't seem to find the right words.  It's the freedom," she offered 66That vastness when you stand on the 30 mountains overlooking the desert-you can sense how little you are m comparison with the world that surrounds you At the same time, you feel that the possibilities are limitless. "It was as if she had read some of my inner diary. That was it. That was the feeling I'd had ever sine I'd first seen the mountains of my new home I trembled inside, hoping that this woman who captured the essence of the desert itself 35 wouldn't just send me away with a pat on the head, as adults do. I saw in her a true friend Again, my life would change with just a few simple words.  “Would you like to come to my ranch tomorrow afternoon-if your parents don't mind? Someone should teach you which plants you should and shouldn't touch "  1. In lines 3 - 4, the author's statement that "the universe was about to suddenly change its course serves to  A) highlight the tremendous impact the move would have on the author's life  B) suggest that the weather would soon improve with the changing of the seasons  C) suggest that a cross-country move would be catastrophic for the author  D) show the ambivalence the sisters felt about moving to Tucson  E) emphasize the anger her father felt about having been transferred  【分析】  这道题属于“目的’’题。  凡是在题目里看到…serve to...或者….in order to..,,则该题属于“目的题”。这类题目是要求考生在文章里指出作者使用某个词、某个句子甚至某个段落的目的。做这类题,一定要在目标字、句的前面几句话里寻找答案,看看前面在说什么,而本词(或者句子、段落)对进一步推进前面几句话的内容起到什么样的作用。要特别注意前面几句的核心内容,而目标词(或者句子、段落)一定是对核心内容的进一步深化。凡是涉及后面内容的选项都应该是错误的。如果问某个段落的目的,则要结合整篇文章来看,看本段落的内容是什么,在整个文章中起到什么样的作用。  就本题而言,作者在第3行说到她和姐姐们没有意识到the universe was about to suddenly change its course。这时,我们不妨从第4行的前几行里寻找答案。前面说到他们家要从波士顿搬到亚利桑那。动身前爸爸把全家召集到一起,而作者和姐姐们围坐在火炉前,没有意识到“宇宙即将改变”。那么作者说宇宙即将改变的目的显然是为了说明自己的生活即将因为搬迁而发生改变,据此选A。  前面几句的核心内容是全家搬迁,而父亲只是在动身前突然告诉自己的孩子,这必然给孩子带来极大的冲击,作者借用“宇宙即将改变”来说明这种心理;中击。  B说的是气候的问题,显然不是核心内容,何况前面几句没有任何地方暗示季节的改变,只是顺便说明了一下父亲是在一个寒冷的冬夜告诉孩子们要搬家的消息的。  C.里的catastrophic太极端了,说这次搬家将是灾难性的,而我们在第一段的前几句根本找不到这样的论述。  D中的ambivalence也是无从谈起。D是说姐妹们对搬家还是不搬家是矛盾的,但父亲已经宣布了这个决定,他们也没有什么好矛盾的。更重要的是,这个“矛盾’’和“宇宙突然改变”实在扯不上任何关系。  E是凑数选项,说到父亲对搬家的愤怒。事实上,我们并不知道父亲对搬家的态度。何况,这个“宇宙即将改变”是作者本人的感受,和父亲的感受没有关系。  做目的题时,考生可以先根据前面的内容预测一下答案的大概方向,正常情况下,你的预测往往是准确的。凡是和预测方向偏差较大的选项可以立即排除。